It all started with camping, covid, and foodie influencer account @zackeatsww

As an Instagram strategy, content creation, and engagement agency, we have one unique advantage point: the influencer culture.

We design goal-specific strategies and content that your audience will care about. You’ll get a no-nonsense plan that shows you what content you need to produce, and where and when to publish to grow a highly-engaged and loyal audience. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower small (B2C) businesses to think BIG post-COVID for the betterment of our community and future growth trajectory. Powered by a custom strategy-based execution, empathetic engagement and MVC [Most Valuable Content.]

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About us

When COVID hit hard and lockdowns were enforced, Zack who is a 3rd generation photographer lost 100% of his business, which relied on traditional word-of-mouth without any digital presence. Something had to give. After receiving endless texts of Zack’s dishes, Inna knew that his passion for food and photography had to be shared with the world. As a former small retail business owner herself, Inna left her corp and tech start-up world as a Design/Creative Director to pursue her passion in helping business owners get out of their comfort zone and introduce tech into their world for the betterment of the future growth trajectory."Given our knowledge, experience, and passion for what we do, starting Socialology Media was the next logical step. After creating our Instagram influencer account, learned Instagram ins-and-outs, scaled, put our skillsets to the test, and set a clear mission—we are determined to do the same for other businesses.